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Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc.


Hello to all our Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc., Families, Supporters and Friends



This message serves to ensure that you are aware that the ICF/IID Campaign Quicksite is available and active at the following link:

As of a few minutes ago we had fewer than 60 emails in Florida generated through the service.  The Governor needs to hear immediately from families, staff, supporters of our program and those who will be affected if funding for the ICF/IID programs in Florida is vetoed.


The responses that have been sent are good and are very compelling, but more are needed. Please share the link with employees, families, and others who want to ask Governor Scott to protect the $11.5 million increase for ICF/IIDs that is in the 2018 General Appropriations Act. These dollars are needed to cover reported costs. For ICF/IIDs, this is a funding restoration rather than a rate increase as described in the proviso language.


The website is easy to use and contains examples of messages and talking points that explain the ask: Governor Scott, please do not veto the $11.5 increase for ICF/IIDs in Line 216 of the General Appropriations Act.


Please note, even if you sent a previous message to the Governor in the past week, I encourage you to resend your message again using the above link.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting MCP and the children and adults who benefit from our program and services.


We hope you will be compelled and encouraged to contact Governor Scott and let him know you are in support of funding for our ICF/IID program. 


Thank you for all you do to make MCP and our community a better place!



Marta Morin, Chief Operating Officer

Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc.

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