Miami Cerebral Palsy
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Meet Some of the Staff


Chief Operating Officer

Marta E. Morin, B.S., M.Ed., in Special Education and Adult Education

Through a broad portfolio of more than 40 years of in-field work experience in developmental disabilities, global reach in special education work in Florida and other countries, and a reputation for trust and quality, Marta has meaningfully contributed to improving special education and residential programs and services in the field of developmental disabilities not only at MCP and in Florida, but also  in other countries abroad.

Marta is well-known for her visionary abilities, leadership qualities, innovative delivery mechanisms, and high-quality programs that she has lead over her career. MCP is set to continue sound service delivery through innovation in its core through a dedicated, committed, energized and passionate organization, combined with a focus on “creative and out of the box thinking” to acquire new heights, while retaining a steadfast focus on the people supported and their families.  Under Marta’s leadership, MCP has brought on board the College of Direct Support, The College of Direct Support Supervision, the National Direct Support Professional  (NADSP) Code of Ethics, NADSP national registration of its direct support staff as a condition of employment, THERAP, and a wide range of affiliation agreements at the college and vocational institutional levels. As a result, the organization has received global recognition by Training Magazine, ranking MCP as one of the Top 125 Best Companies to work for,  for many consecutive years.

Marta has over 32 years’ experience with MCP and prior to this was involved with writing the proposals for the establishment of MCP under UCP of South Florida.  She also held a number of leadership positions abroad prior to joining the organization full time, where she has held the titles of Executive Director, Associate Director, Director of MCP and Consultant. A special educator by training, she began her work in Florida, but quickly moved on to expanding her  special education knowledge and career and held various positions in teaching, special education, therapy clinical development, management, leadership and consultation in Europe, Africa, Central America and Florida.   Upon her return to Florida Marta was hired by the Miami Dade County Public School System and later transferred to the private sector, where she was appointed Habilitation Director and Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional Director and was responsible for overseeing policy, residential services, programming, nursing, staff training and physical plant across multiple locations for Sunrise Community, the first and largest ICF/IID organization in Florida.  Marta was a part of an early movement in Florida to deinstitutionalize children and adults residing in state institutional settings and moving them to Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, a setting in which she continues to specialize in today.

Marta is certified by the Department of Education in Special Education and has been a member of the Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators, The National Association of Direct Support Professionals, ADD, TASH, ANCOR, and FARF . She also started the first NADSP Chapter in Florida.  She currently services as advisor and has been past board member of Residential Plaza Blue Lagoon, one of the largest assisted living facilities in Miami – Dade County, Florida.

Marta holds a Masters’ in Special Education/Adult Education from Florida International University and Bachelors of Science Degree in Special Education K-12 and put herself through school while working in the law firm of Sally, Barnes and Pajon.  She is married and has a son who also works in the field.





Associate Director

Migdalia Santiago, Master in Non-Profit Management with Health Administration Certificate

Migdalia Santiago, MCP’s Associate Director, has been with MCP since 1990, and she   has over 27 years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities.

In her current role she has direct oversight of the Director of our Lifelong Learning Program, the Director of Nursing, The Director of Therapies, the Social Worker and Psychologist.  Prior to this, Migdalia was the Administrator of the Braddock Facility for ten years and while there, enhanced the residential and educational experiences of the people we support. Prior to joining the administrative team, Migdalia also served as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional for six years at MCP. 

As part of her significant role in MCP’s success, she addresses compliance issues, conducts research for policy revisions, provide staff at all levels with support and coaching in day to day operations, as well as the implementation of policies and regulatory requirements. She is an invaluable guide to senior management in strategic planning, development, and leadership, in addition to the day-to-day operations and management of the organization. 

She plays  a major  role in advising and coaching the staff development component of the H.R. department.  In her role, Migdalia provides ongoing and individualized coaching to ensure that both our training department and employees are effectively prepared for company interactions preparing them for the challenges of a technologically-driven workforce and providing quality care to the people supported at MCP.

Migdalia holds both, a Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida in Non-Profit Management with emphasis on Health Care and a Bachelors in Education with emphasis on Communication Disorders from New Mexico State University, New Mexico.  Migdalia is a member of the National Alliance of Director Support Professional (NADSP), the Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA) and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).



Director of Human Resources

Patricia Riboul, M.S. in Human Resources, Certified Human Resource Manager

Patricia has 19 years of professional experience with working in the field of Human Services and oversees the functions of the Human Resources Department, including but not limited to; recruitment, talent management, employee relations, risk management, safety, benefits, EEOC, performance management and ensuring compliance with all personnel legal requirements, payroll, and staff development.  


Travis Morin

Learning and Development Specialist

Travis Morin joined our organization on July 13, 2018.  Travis was hired via an affiliate transfer from ADAPT (UCP N.Y.) to oversee new hire training and continuing education for all staff at MCP. Prior to joining the MCP family, Travis worked at United Cerebral Palsy of Manhattan in New York City for eight years.  UCP of Manhattan is the leading human service not-for-profit and a pioneer in providing cutting edge programs and services for people with disabilities.  In 2017, UCP of Manhattan celebrated its 70th Year Anniversary. UCP N.Y. offers over 100 comprehensive programs including education, health, technology, residential and recreational services to over 18,000 individuals and families, living with challenges such autism, cerebral palsy,  down syndrome, and neuromuscular disorders, among others.

Over his eight-year tenure with UCP Travis gained a wealth of experience in the many different roles and titles he held at UCP. His roles include habilitation assistant, music coordinator, adult education day program teacher; teaching music, cooking, current events, and other activities. His expertise includes administrative support, data entry of programmatic funding, he served as the lead for transportation emergencies and supporting people in hospital emergencies. Travis is also a certified medication administration technician in New York and was responsible for medication administration and record keeping. 

In his most recent role at UCP N.Y., Travis held the role of Community Integration/Acting Habilitation Specialist. In this capacity, Travis was responsible for supporting, coaching, and mentoring all-new habilitation assistants as well as conducting new employee training workshops, with the inclusion of the people supported. Additionally, he was also responsible for the management, monitoring, and overall provision of services to individuals with developmental disabilities assigned to him.

On a personal note, Travis has lived abroad, he is an avid traveler, reader, and professional musician. Travis was born and raised in Miami. The move back home to Miami from Manhattan is poignant and heartwarming especially so because Travis clocked in over 2,000 volunteer hours at MCP throughout his childhood. Having already supported many of our current MCP residents Travis is delighted to have joined the MCP team in a professional capacity. 



 coming-soon - Downtown Mesa

Director of Nursing

Lennox-Ann Swaby

 Coming Soon....







Director of Physical Plant and Operations

Jeff Cornett

Jeff has 25 years’ of professional experience working with MCP as the ICF/IID Director of Physical Plant Operations. He insures compliance and over sees operations of the maintenance departments providing technical and physical plant support to employees and individuals receiving services. He also oversees Emergency Management, Life Safety, and the Transportation Department.  






Christopher Mazzarella, M.A. in Psychology, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Christopher has 35 years of professional experience working in the field of developmental disabilities and is the agency’s psychologist and certified behavior analyst. He is responsible for assessing and developing behavior supports. He is also responsible for supporting the social worker with all agency admissions and for supervision of the university level psychology internship program. 





Administrator of the 80th Street ICF Facility

Camille Tapper, B.S. in Special Education

Camille has over 23 years of professional experience in working in the field of developmental disabilities and serves as the administrator for the 80th Street Intermediate Care facility and was a qualified intellectual disabilities professional prior to becoming an administrator. Camille worked in the capacity of lead residential services coordinator at 80th Street facility. 





Administrator of the Sunset ICF Facility

Anna Moor, M.Ed. and Computer Science & Education 

Anna has 24 years professional experience; Fourteen years were spent working for the Miami Dade County Public School system as a licensed, certified teacher and serves as the administrator for the Sunset Intermediate Care Facility and was a qualified intellectual disabilities professional prior to becoming an administrator.

Administrator of the Braddock ICF Facility

Lynne Rattigan Grey, B.S. in Health Services Administration

Lynne joined our agency February 21, 2011 as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional.  During her tenure with MCP and prior to her Braddock Facility Administrator assignment, Lynne also worked in the capacity of lead residential services coordinator at both 80th Street and Sunset facilities. Lynne has 17 years in the nonprofit developmental disabilities sector.  She has been working in a professional leadership capacity in field since 1996. Prior to working with MCP, she worked at Mactown and the Miami Center in Miami.






Administrator of the NW 2nd Street ICF Facility

Maria Rego, B.S. in Special Education

Maria has 29 years professional experience working in the field of developmental disabilities and has been with MCP for 15 years. She serves as the administrator for the NW 2nd Street Intermediate Care facility. Prior to becoming administrator, she was a qualified intellectual disabilities professional and worked many years as a special education classroom teacher.





Director of Physical Therapies

Luis Paz-Soldan, PT

Luis has 35 years of professional experience as a licensed physical therapist with twelve years professional experience in the field of developmental disabilities. Luis is responsible for complete oversight of the Therapy Department including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and the adaptive equipment department, which is responsible for fabrication of specialized equipment.